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McMaster Professors – Get Involved

Dear Faculty,

We invite you to take this unique opportunity to get your research out in the community and communicate it to specialized audiences. McMaster Children and Youth University (MCYU) has been operating for 10 years now. Part of our programming is to have experts from the university present their research to children and families. These take the form of lectures once a month on Saturday mornings.

Participants in the MCYU lectures series have noted several benefits. For instance, it allows you to look at your research in a fresh new way, the questions and comments, especially from kids in the audience, help to reveal novel angles and perspectives on your research, it forces you to be creative about how you communicate your research, and it is a great way to connect with the broader Hamilton community.

We invite you to contact us to get involved and deliver what may be one of the most fulfilling lectures of your career. If you are interested, please email Dr. Sandy Raha (

A professor walking up the aisle speaking to the audience while presenting at a MCYU Family Lecture.

A professor presenting at a MCYU Family Lecture, selecting someone to share their answer.

On the last Saturday of every month, we host Family Lectures geared toward children and youth ages 7–14. These interactive sessions spark curiosity and empower all young individuals to question the world around them, discover their potential and create a brighter future. For more information, please email MCYU’s program coordinator, Rebecca.