Our MCYU in the City Workshops which have been visiting classrooms, libraries and after school programs for the past five years are now Virtual.

Through course instruction, McMaster University Students develop and deliver engaging synchronous learning experiences for children and youth through Virtual Workshops.

Virtual Workshops are 30-40min., appropriate for grades 3-8, and FREE of Cost. For more info on how to sign your class or outreach program up for a virtual workshop please contact MCYU’s Program Coordinator at

For the general public who are interested in participating in our Virtual Workshops, please see our events calendar to see when we will be holding workshops through the Hamilton Public Library.


Who Can Book a Virtual Workshop

  • Teachers (Grades 3-8)
  • Afterschool Programs
  • Libraries


Group #

Workshop Title

Description of Workshop Topic



Are young people and older people treated the same way? In what ways are they treated differently? In this interactive workshop we’ll explore and redefine how we think about seniors in our society.

Social science


Aqua Waste

Is the plastic straw in your drink really as harmless as it seems? Join us to discover the impact this and many other waste items have on aquatic life as well as what we can do to help!

Environment/water pollution / Science


Curve Covid

We are all living through a significant moment in history. In 'Curve Covid' we'll use time capsules to reflect on how Covid-19 has impacted our lives and discover how our immune systems and healthy habits can keep ourselves and others safe during this time.

Current Events / Health / Literacy


Fake News Agents

In the age of social media, there’s more news than ever reaching wide audiences with just the click of a button. We’ve heard that not everything you see on social media is true, but how can you tell? Join us to discover strategies that help distinguish fact from fiction.

Media Literacy


Follow the Leader

Your teacher! The Prime Minister! The captain of your soccer team! What do all of these people have in common? They’re all leaders! Join us to discover what qualities make a good leader and discover what type of leader you are.

Social Science


Happy Exercise

Feeling down? Jump around! Discover the scientific relationship Between exercise, the brain and your mood.

Health & Science


Living My Best Life

How can you take better care of yourself? Why is it so important? Join us for fun interactive activities and discover ways to have a healthy body AND mind!

Health & Wellness


News Your Own Adventure

Congratulations on becoming the new editor of Newstopia’s most famous newspaper! During this adventure, you will have to choose which headlines to publish in order to lead your team to success. Choose wisely, the fate of the newspaper is in your hands!

Media Leteracy


Stress Less

Are you feeling stressed? Don’t know what to do about it? We’ve got a plan! Together we’ll build a stress management toolkit while getting active and creative!

Health & Wellness


Tackling Stress with Spiderman

BREAKING NEWS: Stress is taking over New York City. Help Spiderman learn about stress, how it affects the body, and how to take it down!

Health & Wellness


Sparky’s Water Pollution Adventure

Calling all water users! Sparky needs your help saving the city of Hamilton from water pollution. The fate of fresh, drinkable water is in your hands. Are you ready to be a hero?

Environment / Water Pollution

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Use the content on MCYU’s Kid Zone asynchronously with your lesson plans or simply explore for ideas to bring into your classroom or program. 

There are challenge videos based on the model of the MCYU Workshops, online lectures geared towards school age children, a garden sculpture tour and more.

Teacher Advisory Board - Get Involved

What Does the MCYU Teacher Advisory Board Do?

The MCYU in the City Workshops are developed in collaboration with a team of teachers who work with MCYU to ensure that the workshops are engaging experiences for young minds and that the content aligns with the needs of the Ontario elementary school curricular. MCYU is grateful for the commitment of these dedicated educators as their collaboration is critical to the success of MCYU. The panel advises MCYU on the type of topics, choices for interactive activities, and the types of classroom supports that are necessary for optimal teaching and teacher workloads. MCYU would like to extend a great big thank you to these teachers, and all the wonderful educators across the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board who willingly share their valuable time with the MCYU team on a regular basis.

Are you a teacher who would like to get involved?

For more info, email us at