MCYU’s 10th Anniversary Celebration

2021 is an important year because it is our 10th anniversary and we want to celebrate this milestone with everyone who is a part of the MCYU community. Scroll through these pages to learn more and have fun!

Join the Journey

Join the journey and participate in our year-long event to celebrate MCYU's 10th anniversary! Participate in a variety of activities that encourage you to discover, explore and engage with the community. For each activity you complete, you will earn a custom MCYU sticker and your name will be entered in a raffle to win a special prize.

After completing an activity just log your participation by filling out the activity's participation form.
For more detail on how to access an activity form and log you participation, please refer to the steps outlined below.

Print Your 'Join the Journey' Poster:
Select the 'Download' button below and print your copy. The back of the poster has sticker placeholders for you to collect your custom MCYU stickers.


MCYU Family Lectures:

March 26, 2022: “Can Everyone be a Leader?” with Dr Alpha Abebe

April 30, 2022: "Don't trust an atom, they make up everything!" with Samantha Stambula

May 28, 2022: “Learning with Art at the McMaster Museum of Art” with Nicole Knibb and Teresa Gregorio

Additional Activities:

Dear Dr. Banting
HPL Birks Clock
HWDSB Archives
McMaster Museum of Art eMuseums
WAHC Solidarity Buttons
Summa Kids
Truth and Reconciliation Podcasts
Stars of the Week
MCYU 10th Anniversary Video Montage
Feedback Activity
Interactive E-Book
Sculpture Garden Tour
All Steam Challenges
STEAM Challenges

Logging Participation with Google Forms

Steps to log your participation during our MCYU Virtual Family Lectures
Steps to log your participation for the activities
Steps to submit a short written response and upload a file
File formats allowed and maximum file size

QR Code Scanner

Steps to install a QR code scanner on your mobile device

Video Montage

One of the ways we are celebrating MCYU’s 10th anniversary is with a video montage. Submit a quick video and share your favourite memory with us, what you enjoy about our organization and/or what MCYU means to you. Below are instructions to record or upload a video to Memento. We look forward to celebrating this milestone with you!

Please visit our  webpage.

Be A Part of MCYU's Video Montage!

Instructions to Submit A Video

How to Record or Upload a video to our MCYU Video Montage