• “MCYU is the greatest place to be for a kid! To be free to be a kid who wants to learn is awesome, to be allowed to spend time at our University makes me feel special.”


  • “Discover means to learn things that are so deep that when you first hear something you don't understand you want to learn more.”

    Youth Advisory Board Member

  • “MCYU is a very fun place for me.”

    Youth Advisory Board member

  • “As with many of the speakers, they do an amazing job, I know this when after a lecture, the first things I hear my daughter say is "I can't wait to go to University, how many more years now Mum?" I can't thank the people behind MCYU enough, for lighting this desire in my daughter.”


  • “Besides the wonderful lectures, the program de-mystifies university for children - particularly those whose parents did not attend university. It also reinforces the idea of lifelong learning. Way to go!!”


  • “The program is wonderful - I'm now bringing my second grandchild ...... don't know how I'll continue my education when I run out of grandchildren to bring to the program!”


  • “The kids absolutely loved the workshops and were very engaged and excited about their learning!”


  • “I returned as a facilitator as I really enjoyed my experiences with MCYU in the past and have always found it very exciting to collaborate with students from other departments while applying our theoretical knowledge to create fun and intriguing exercises.”

    McMaster Student (workshop facilitator)

  • “The MCYU Events were an amazing opportunity for my group of students. They were so eager to attend each month and would discuss the lectures and activities for days afterwards.”

    Wesley Staff

  • “Many of the kid's parents are new to Canada and do not have a lot of knowledge about post-secondary education. The MCYU events allowed them to be exposed to some of the possibilities out there.”

    Wesley Staff